A group that welcomes ST /|\rtists (and those that love Atari ST art) of all types to come together to talk about the ST scene and collaborate on artistic releases.
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 /|\ well met all /|\

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PostSubject: /| well met all /|   /|\ well met all /|\ Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:42 pm

Hello All!

My name is Stuart, and I'm a relative newcomer to ST scene.

I got an 520 STFM a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun creating some artwork on it, but then real life kicked in and it had to be sold off to pay some bills. Here we are in 2018 though, and I've got myself another ST! This time it's an STe (520) with 4Mb RAM and TOS v2.06 /|\

Growing up in the 70's and 80's, my first computer was an Acorn Electron (which I still have and use daily) and then I got a C64 alongside it. I only had the 64 a couple of years before I sold it to buy an A500+ ... but thats a convo for another day, Shocked ... I had a mate back in the early 90's that had an ST (I can't remember which model) and he used to do a lot of artwork and tracker tunez on it; he was blooming good but we lost touch mid-nineties, sadly.

Since then I've always wanted an ST, and when I picked my first one up a couple of years back I absolutely loved it.

Artwork on puters is my thing and I started the STatariART group on Facebook back when I had that first ST to try and contribute to the scene and to find like minded folks who wanted to collaborate and we did a few demo/slideshow releases. I've since left Facebook (you can find them on DemoZoo under STatariART), but now that I'm back in the ST scene I wanted to start this forum and hope that some of the peeps will come over from the Facebook group and spend some time here as well as there.

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/|\ well met all /|\
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