A group that welcomes ST /|\rtists (and those that love Atari ST art) of all types to come together to talk about the ST scene and collaborate on artistic releases.
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 Collaboration for the Masses!

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PostSubject: Collaboration for the Masses!   Collaboration for the Masses! Icon_minitime1Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:00 pm

STatariART was born as two things; the wider existence is a group of like-minded people that arrive in CyberSpace together to talk about ST art in all the forms it has - pixel art, demoscene, game art & music, chip music, box art and so on.

From within that wider group, individuals collaborate on demoscene releases and that list of people can change from one release to another.

We are looking for people from within our wider community to collaborate with us; coders, artists, musicians, but even if you don't think you have any STrong skill in a particular area but lots of enthusiasm please still come forward... part of the ideal is in encouraging people to develop an area of intereST, to bring new ideas, new blood, new passion.

We are not trying to be the next all-powerful, ultimate demoscene group; we're not into that elitist approach (though that does have its place and that inter-group competitiveness has produced some amazingly beautiful and aSTounding results - you guys who do that, please carry on) <3

If you don't like what we do or the way we do it - move on, but if you would like to be a part of something, come on in!

Our ethos is 'Create Your Own Way' and everyone who is cool with that is welcome /|\

If you'd like to collaborate, please reply to this post. No contracts, just register a potential intereST and we can move forward from there ;-)

/|\rtist mindlessly doodling in Degas Elite.... ST Rulez!
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Collaboration for the Masses!
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