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 Nick - music and artwork/early 90's

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Nick - music and artwork/early 90's Empty
PostSubject: Nick - music and artwork/early 90's   Nick - music and artwork/early 90's Icon_minitime1Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:33 pm

Way back around '92/'93 I knew a guy called Nick who did some beautiful artwork and some outstanding tunes on both an ST and Miggy affraid

I will try and remember the handle that he used.

Back in those days I worked in a computer shop in Alton, Hampshire, that was called ACM Computers. A lot of kids used to come in an play on the systems that we had set up to play the latest releases, and folks used to come to get systems repaired, too.

I remember that my boss had got hold of a stack of PC Enginr game cards that we used to keep loose behind the counter, and I met Nick when he came in with his girlfriend (Sarah?) to thumb through the pile and buy a few.

He was a   * r e a l l y *  good artist and he wrote some amazing tunes too and I used to love hanging out with t hem and learning what I could.

Then, he moved to (I think) London and we lost touch. I'd love to catch up again, but I haven't been able to track him down :-(

Be cool to catch up one day Cool

*edit* pretty sure he went by Wolf, or some variation of that; I still have some disks from back then and i will try and post some of the artwork up soon.

/|\rtist mindlessly doodling in Degas Elite.... ST Rulez!

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Nick - music and artwork/early 90's
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